Organization and contacts

SIOF structure:

According to the Statute (which can be downloaded here, in Italian), SIOF is a non-profit cultural society whose aim is the spread and the coordination in Italy of optics, photonics, and all the related scientific-technolgical disciplines.

Membership to the Society can be individual or collective (in the case of companies, organizations, or institutions). Anyone who carries research or teaching activities in the field of optics and photonics can become a member.

The structure of the society is based on the following bodies:

  • The General Assembly is composed by all members and meets at least once a year to approve the SIOF annual budget.
  • The President is the legal representative of the Society.
  • The Presidential Board, which governs the Society and is composed by the President, the Vice-President, the Past President, and 10 elected members, among which at least two representatives from the industry.



President - Luca De Stefano,

Vice-President - Ambra Giannetti

Treasurer - Ilaria Rea,

Secretary - Alessandro Belardini,
Presidential Board - Francesco Baldini, Alessandro Belardini, Paolo Biagioni, Letizia De Maria, Luca De Stefano, Ambra Giannetti, Francesca Intonti, Maria Grazia Manera, Tommaso Ongarello, Stefano Pelli, Iliaria Rea, Roberto Rella, Francesco Scotognella