The VISPEC working group was born in the wake of the tradition of a group of spectroscopists founded in the 1980s (see historical background).

The vibrational spectroscopy (VISPEC) working group is interested in diverse areas:


Applications of vibrational spectroscopy

  • Physical Chemistry / Chemical Physics
  • Organic Chemistry (product recognition)
  • Life Sciences (sensing, understanding biochemical processes, biomolecule structure)
  • Materials Science and Technology (development of new materials, their optimization)
  • Cultural Heritage (chemical recognition, degradation status, ...)
  • Analytical Chemistry/Sensing (drugs, pollutants, biomolecules, ...)


Development of methods/techniques for vibrational spectroscopy

  • Quantum chemistry / Molecular dynamics (calculation of electronic and vibrational structure)
  • Instrumentation / sample treatment
  • Industrial diagnostics (online process monitoring, chemical and pharmaceutical industry)


Areas of synergistic interest with other groups in SIOF

  • (nano) Photonics and Plasmonics
  • synthesis and characterization of nanostructures
  • dielectric systems
  • metal/dielectric hybrid systems
  • light generation and measurement (sensors)
  • Enhanced spectroscopy (SERS, Enhanced CD, SEIRA)
  • Development of optical instrumentation / special setups / cells
  • Applications to the sensing of specific substance classes (e.g., biomolecules, drugs, pollutants, food adulterants, ...)



Matteo Tommasini, matteo.tommasini@polimi.it

Paola Sassi, paola.sassi@unipg.it

Ivano Alessandri, ivano.alessandri@unibs.it


The next VISPEC conference will be held in Pavia in 2025 and organized by Pietro Galinetto, pietro.galinetto@unipv.it



During the pandemic period, the VISPEC community held a series of online meetings to keep alive the pleasure of discussing about science. These meetings were hosted thanks to the support of Politecnico di Milano and the organization of Matteo Tommasini, Ivano Alessandri, and Paola Sassi. The list of contributions and abstracts is available at the link: https://indico.chem.polimi.it/event/26/